gipsy's dance

gipsy's dance
erm ... a new picture. I'm in england at the moment and i heard lorena mc kidden last night. Suddenly I wanted to paint this ... at first I didn't want to do it because pictures in such moods are seldom anything but since I could shape the picture very well in my head I did it. The clothes of the woman and in general are very similar to esmeralder (esmeralda?) From gloeckner from notre dameXD only gave her a few more towels. i wanted to shade it with kulli, the doji made me a lot safer. And yeah, I really mean that I have become safer, it may still be net very regular but it is a thousand times better than usual: P (so my mood is in the bucket at this point because someone annoys me at the moment .v.) ok it doesn't matter ... * growls * at the hg I had to think for a "while" (a minute?) what to do, i'm not very good at painting ... while i was getting strawberries the idea for flowers came up. These giant flowers grow in the garden, they are really beautiful, only it was night and too loud to paint them from outside .. so I just started .. as I had them in my head. When I was painting the outer flower petals, I had the idea that I could give the flower the shape of Sevel's coat of arms, things in the divusium. XD and the colors .. I then painted the shape and finally decided to use the right colors .. ( well, I forgot the silver in the bright blisters) otherwise just gold silver blackXD for the pattern I took a base and painted over itXD sooo .. that was long enough .. I liked the picture except for your face (ugly and too small) .. and the rock is also not like that but well .. hope you like it tooXD


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