Chobits, the new computer generation

Chobits, the new computer generation
erm ... Jo and I drew the picture on the school wall. sorry that it is so imprecise but you may notice ..- it is very, very, VERY big: P OL: So I'm sooo happy with the OL. Jo has summo and kotogo I painted the two chis. Neither of us got our eyes -.- and my dark her pose..horror! but it is very difficult to sketch on such a large area: P the arm is totally wrong! colo: it took forever these flowers .. honestly that was most of the work: P I am very satisfied with the colo of the chis a shame that it is so small (the photo) you can see everything so maybe netmore .. I tried it to paint skin with colors per hadn purple .. went into the pants but was just an attempt .. I don't know if jo will also upload the picture (black_wingedark), it could be no wonder if you checked my pictures in this case: P (this is how you get your thoughts on your figures ^. ^ if you have a good day .. ) duration of the picture: well we have your something with 100 hours calculated, I know it really net..we needed about 2 months for the picture. material was acrylic paint. this is our last picture in school I dedicate it to my art teacher who made this possible for us, Jo who helped me, my mudda who also teaches there, all the nice teachers I had who helped me to get such a class and the whole school at all! ps: this is the picture that was scribbled in (for those who were in the forum and saw my threat) pps: sorry that it looks so strange: (* sham *


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