Jane's portrait

Jane's portrait
huijuijui, because of technical problems I have now actually got the situation that I have two pictures to peel up .. now I finished the picture .. and yes that is NOT a pokemon: P (for those with me in contact stand) since my comp did holdydays in nirvana, i could finish the other net think i can finish it right away: P the picture here, it's again, jane: P (sevels sis) yeah one of my oldest motifs Oo na don't care . I was bored and scribbled in front of me so it is not a serious picture but it didn't look so bad so I once did it colotXD she looks quite manly, the arms are wrong and the clothes are a bit spotted (the paper was putted :( * rubbed too much *) otherwise I think it's really okXD ^^ hope you like it somehow ^. ^ by the way, she has NO flat land.v. * all staring at * men! so really: P but I don't like puffed up breasts and when you do a naked woman would have touched properly you would see the breasts look like this if they are not inflated * grumble * I like it so: P also, jane is still a child in this picture: P (she is a nijas, that's why she doesn't see that way off) so don't complain: P no matter, hope you know what to write ^. ^


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