hate it or love it

hate it or love it
* drop * well .. here comes the other picture as announced .. somehow I got the title of the picture ... as an idea shortly after i started Oo, ironically, it now fits very well .. to be honest, that The picture is absolutely .. well .. there are a lot of mistakes in it, the worst thing is his leg * points * that stands anyway, I put umbreon wrongly and had to change it but I messed up the proportions, didda says he looks gay .. I find now net but there is another big bug in it that maybe only pkm fans find .. Oo * it took a while to notice and it was too peek * so well, that's the tip of the way colosseum with its umbreon (night tara). I wanted to paint him when I was playing ma colo, because the graphics look particularly good in terms of people (he looks like an alien) I painted his face in my stem .. actually I like the picture, even if it is not it is particularly great, that's why, as I said, it fits hate it or love it ... umbi, I didn't feel like doing it by hand so I did it "quickly" with photo-colored (yes, as I said my comp is then shit and it took longer) me white umbreon looks like a neon tube but it doesn't matter ... hope you like it and you write me a few commis after jane (the previous picture) got almost none :( * blubber * ps: damn it !! I missed it right in deleted the moment when it was coupled and lost a come from you so I don't know WHO it was but now I want to know what was written :( * put on a note * please copy pastels! or what I know; _;


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