Welcome to Fanart. Fanart is a free social media platform that allows you to manage and share your photos, videos or fanfics with your friends or even the whole world. In order foster Fanart´s growth, please make sure to pay attention to the following 4 golden rules.

Rule Number 1: Consideration for Others

Fanart allows you to upload as many photos, videos and texts onto the platform as you like. However, you should always remember to be respectful of other users and not upload the following types of content:

* Pornography
* Extremely violent and/or gorey photos/videos (weapons, excessive blood, etc)
* Content that incites hatred towards a specific group of people
* Content that invokes criminal acts (including among others, instructions for building bombs)
* Extreme political material
* Content that displays objectionable and/or offensive material (deformities, extreme medical conditions, etc)
* Copyright protected material (unless you have explicit permission)

Respecting this rule will help the community remain a safe and inviting environment for every user as well as remain child-friendly. Please be aware of what type of content you are uploading.

Rule Number 2: Respect

Don’t forget- there’s another person on the other end of your comments and messages. You wouldn’t appreciate it if you were insulted, threatened or made fun of- so please, keep things friendly. And don’t forget, even if you do decide to post a bunch of rubbish, it will be deleted by our friendly Support Team.

Rule Number 3: The Messaging System

It’s our hope that you’re able to stay in touch with other Fanart users on a regular basis- and we know it’s nice to have an inbox full of messages. But who wants to get messages that are spam or chain mails and full of links to other sites loaded with viruses? Please be considerate and do not send such messages yourself either- it isn’t any help to you and you friends are surely also not interested in getting these kinds of messages.

Rule Number 4: Terms of Use

In addition to Fanart´s netiquette rules, we also have a Terms of Use that every user is required to follow. If you’re interested in reading them, go here. Fanart reserves the right to alter and amend the Terms of Use at any time, however you do have the right to object to the new version, but this could mean your registration with Fanart will be cancelled.
Now get out there and enjoy Fanart!