Hills and streams

Hills and streams
* drop * erm .. yes what can I say .. :( i played BoF4 again for days .. and then just wanted to paint fou-lu again ... it looked pretty cool at the beginning, i even got myself made the effort to paint the sun: P everything went smoothly until the colo des himmels + berges afterwards everything was just ugly: (* howling * the ground is so .. so .. red! and the trees were totally brown because i tried Bringing light reflections from the sunset in. To make matters worse, it got worse ... Yesterday I painted fou-lu and mommy I think their colos turned out to be quite good, only mommy got too un-mental. That's why I got them I was unfortunately not able to put the warmth of the sunset into the landscape :( when I had edited the picture on the comp, I also thought that fou-lus legs are viiiiieeel too short! .. sorry too for this :( well so much for complaining now about the motive: is fou-lu and in the background soma. And then mami's ghost. (tol l) I had the thought in my head that fou-lu will come back to the sun someday and think of mommy * shrugs * bissl sappy I know but it's just so sad: ((the story ... in the game) used me: gouche colors, watercolor, ink, pencil and photoshop. ps: sun and mommy, don't be surprised. The game is in Englishc there are the normal koisch nonexistent words (I think)


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