kind of like a cat

kind of like a cat
well, there really isn't a lot to say .. here in america studio 2d 3 (ergo: art) and we try cool things from xd coal first ok i knew that but today hamma with wise coal (or something like that is) net so soft as the coal I know) painted on black (bone) which gives me a lot of fun! and I always wanted to try it anyway .. no matter, before we started hamma..not done; P And I was bored aalso I started to paint an eye, then the first hair etc .. I just did something ... with the snout I still try a lot given later I was lazy, especially with the chest and so ... I just didn't feel like it anymore: P I think the face is way too small for the head ... but because it was just so doodling, I couldn't go on head done o.o I veined the color with the scanner (just to try it out: P) unfortunately the fur struktuk comes out soo good (yes, I painted the fur hair for hairXD) hope you like it somehow :)


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