school skull

school skull
well .. there is not much to say. The painting hamma in the school painting meussen. The ammis have a somewhat more interesting art course than we do! XD the next picture is a landscape portrait for which we go out: P never mind .. I always wanted to paint a negative !! So point to black .. I was totally happy when we really did it ahbenXD it looks a bit like metal or something but it was a lot of fun for me: P it is and remains a schulbid ergo I had to hurry a little more but I'm actually pretty happy with it: P the only stupid thing is: 1.) Because I was interrupted several times while painting (the hour was over) I had to fix the picture. As a result, my auxiliary lines became uneasable ... well, you can still see them who is looking for the found: P 2.) the nose and jaw sit correctly: see p I hope you like it anyway


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