hidden thoughts

hidden thoughts
ok, first ..: greetings from the usa! ^. ^ sorry..erm..it is a bit deamish to write in German (because of the keyboard) so it could be that I will often write ine nglish. the picture was just a whimsical scribble thing (ma again). well .. but for the first time that I painted lelaXD she looks VERY alien that was NOT wanted: P but I just wanted to paint her .. While I was painting the picture, I noticed that her facial expression was very stiff and expressionless and I had to remember that Lela always "stuck" her thoughts, hence the name: P -can you guess what she is thinking about? XD anyway..lela looks very similar to me..I know: P (ok you know it mostly net: P) that's because I used to be lelaXD aaaber..errm ... then I changed her appearance slightly and her character totally: Pund then created a new person, so to speak, but just look like ... medium: ink, lead, watercolor and chalk. at the hg I played a bit and sorry the scanner doesn’t lease any other scan, so your back is cut off .. time: a few hours (so very short) I hope you like it anyway ..


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