Atemu with Yugi or Yugi with Atemu * Pri-Cla *

Atemu with Yugi or Yugi with Atemu * Pri-Cla *
So here is finally the Piccu for yamilady! ^^ since she said no one has drawn anything yet> <"ig hope you like it .... \ 'ig am really desperate for the Piccu * gome * it is not that great !!! * sniff * and ig swear by this Piccu and by all those who read this through dat ig YUGi / YAMi / ATEMu I will forever abhor for their stupid hairstyle !!!! * ig hereby declare war on them * yes this is how it looks XD .... hm the only thing I like about the piccu is that the colors come together: LIA and YELLOW! it looks so nice and happy because of it ... XD and yes Lol ig helped with the gold * gg * but shhh ..... !!!! ^^ well, so seen something went wrong there * yes, let's ignore the propotions and the thumb of Yugi XD * it should actually be a kind of Pri-Cla ... but it didn't turn out to be crap> <" well what the heck ^^ (\\ (\\ (..) O (\ ') (\') your Senja-chan ~ *
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das einzige, was mir dazu einfällt, ist: sooo~ cuuu~te! X3
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