Never Had a dream come true

Never Had a dream come true
* smile THANK YOU ~ for the nice clerks at my Chibi Piccus> < * was happy * so and now NOT-CHIBI-PICCU! XD but again a Seth x Seto Piccu ig habs with the two but full pot >> GOME ~ * drop * dat picture was taken in the night from Friday to Saturday >> yeah ig and Dan were up late >> * thanks for that you are the best * * luv ~ * for him dat Piccu is also> > to the picc itself: Left SETH and right SETO + ig prefer to say XD + and this thing with the HG man man man ~ because Jane asked what ig should do .. she then said something about hearts and so but dat wanted ig nishc >> ig wanted to make a real HG then she came with desert because of Egypt and so on ... But God, what man smooch around in the desert and then we came to an oasis and oases have palm trees and I thought well now paint palm trees ... and now there are also palm trees .. Palm trees without a trunk, of course, and that's that Story of the Plamen Seto / Seth picture that nobody wanted! XD ~ so what can ig say * drop * Brain: best of all, never more! nothing good comes out anyway> < Ig: * lol * well ... BYa Senja


\'Seto gehört mir!\'
Sorry Schatz
Tala with Froschi for Schwefely <Danclaud>
Mirmo der Liebeself for my Best Friend
Atemu with Yugi oder Yugi with Atemu *Pri-Cla*
Hot Summer Day ~*