\ 'Seto is mine! \'

\ 'Seto is mine! \'
So and another chibi picture >> is slowly becoming a habit ... GOME So to yourself to the picture: you can see: Left: Joey * ig doesn't like him Gome * and well he looks pretty funny too >> Right: Seth * does he look cute? * Ig likes his eyes, they have become beautiful ^^ Middle: Seto >> he looks skeptical and for what knows how long I've drawn a chibi star shape again ... Furthermore, this is a "LITTLE DÔUJI" which ig with SINGLE Piccus * like this * draw ^^ And how you noticed shcon is the topic here: Joey vs. Seth in the fight for Seto ^^ but to be honest ig still don't know who wins >> what do you think who is more right about Seto ??? Joey or Seth ??? I am for Seth personally ... Jane is for Joey ... my best friend is auh for Joey and Splashy too ... i.e. it is 3: 1 for Joey ... then what is in the speech bubbles: (you have to read it from right to left ...) Seth: "One thing is clear, Seto is MEINA! We are connected to each other !!!! Sure so far ??" Joey: "Where? You forgot to take off your bandage, you mummy !! Seto is MY !! fins gone !!" this content in the speech bubbles was made by me * played seth * and Splashy * she played joey * created >> Thx Senja


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