Mirmo the love elf for my best friend

Mirmo the love elf for my best friend
So this is a piccu for Astrid, the WORLD'S BEST FRIEND THERE IS * luv you * she got the manga last weekend * does surreptitious advertising: is out with Carlsen now * and she thought dat was so cool ... because it really applies to her ... she is also totally in love and much too shy to speak to him XD ... One day after she bought it, I drew that Piccu for herself ^^ it should bring her happiness in love and that she also has the courage and speaks to him! GO ASTRID GO! GO GO GO! + to the picture: I think that girl looks very similar to one of Tokyo Mew Mew * that bunny girl * ^^ XD well I haven't drawn any girls in a long time XD GOME ~ that's why it's so great ^^ " but maybe one or the other XD likes it With this picture ig wish all the girls and boys the best of luck in love! ~ stays on the ball ~ your Senja (\\ (\\ (..) O(\')(\')


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Atemu with Yugi oder Yugi with Atemu *Pri-Cla*
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