How much I hate that

How much I hate that
jaaaaaaaaa have my love too SHINSHI DOUMEI CROSS found again XD ... especially about pairing MAORA x MAGURI ^^ * especially when Maora attacks Maguri and lays him flat * GO Maora GO !! GO GO GO !!! Actually ig wanted to draw a UNIQUE picture between the two of them and Maora was also more masculine, but da ig Sweety asked with or without bows and she said I drew Maora a little more feminine just like Arina always does ... * but ig draw him already manly enough and when it’s adult I’ll get snow> ///////////////// < oh god get thoughts hahahaha \ 'Los Maora grab Maguri and * beep * and * beep * him in his * beep * ~ * BEEP .............. \ ' to the picture itself: >> hm ... yes well there are better pictures of me or XD? and ig hope that you will recognize that it is above .... to the title: * lol * dumemr title clearly .... but finally Maguri and Maora are always mean to each other and then when the other one doesn't notice they regret what they said or did but ... hence the Tiel: \ 'How much I hate you \', because I think they love each other more than they want to admit ^^ senja


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Atemu with Yugi oder Yugi with Atemu *Pri-Cla*
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