Star lights

Star lights
So here is another picture I painted with Copics. I kept it spring green because I painted it just before Easter. Another one of my characters from the black eye.
On the right is my witch Rivana with her tomcat Kinell. I changed her hairstyle, before she just had open knee-length hair with a browband. But she always wears green and earth-colored clothes, since she is one of Saturaja's daughters ^^ And Kinell, well, he's a white cat, to give a contrast to witches who always have black cats ^^ (Somehow he sees like a Kiki Kitty Plushi from Gaiaonline ^^)
And on the left in the circle is Amalarius, Kuro kun's devotee to Boron (whom he played maybe 2 times ^^)
I called the flowers in the background star lights. Those of you who have persecuted Babylon 5 know what flowers I mean. The ones Londo Adira gives, they are probably rare and expensive flowers ^^
I found the flowers go with spring, so I also call the picture star lights ^^


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