:: The blind elf ::

:: The blind elf ::
This is a picture of a story that has been floating around in my head for a while, but which I have not yet put on paper ^^

But it's actually about the elf on the left who is - as you can guess - blind and the other elf on the right wants to help him out of his misfortune. But over time he notices that he doesn't mind his blindness.

Well maybe I'll write the story on ^^

By the way, the picture is colored with Copics. Coloring with them is really fun ^^ And for the picture I sat 9 hours at the Colo, I can say of luck that I have a cold - and my nose is closed - because otherwise I would have gotten the full Copic boom ^^ < br />
Well I hope you like it ^^

PS: If someone would like to have the outlines for coloring, please write to me and I will email them to ^^

Uh, .... WOW, ... thanks for the showcase * glomp * * /// *


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