At night when the moon is shining ...

At night when the moon is shining ...
Charas (D.Gray-man):
The one in front with the white hair is Allen Walker, on the left the girl is called Linali, next to her is her brother Komui, then the yellow creature above Allen is Timcampy, the one with the red hair is called Rabi, above that is the Millennium Count, then next to Rabi the weird little man is called Bookman and the guy on the far right is Kanda

wow I'm finally done with the picture -__- "
i started with the sketch at the beginning of november and always painted around a little in between> _>
I made nyoo colo yesterday (figures) and today (hg)
nyaa I'm not satisfied
linaliĀ“s face was a bit miserable and I forgot the shine in her hair = _ =
the background is also a bit too light
I actually wanted to make it darker, but I didn't dare to continue with acrylic because if something went wrong the whole picture would be in the can so I thought you would just do it again with normal ink ...
you see the result


Nudelsuppendisaster in Konoha