Under the moon

Under the moon
x_x hoi
Now 48 hours are up and the picture is finally ready xx It was a hell of a job especially Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon's costume xx and when I was done with both of them I had a huge big white spot on the bottom left the artbooks and internet I liked the picture in artbook 3 (pretty much in the middle) and I also got the poses from there but painted them black. What better did I think of an XD v.v. I could have painted a city but I found that somehow boring after I had already started it at the bottom right. Then the idea of ​​adding crystal Tokyo via pc came up. X.x I didn't find it sparkling either XD
then that's just a more suitable solution, I find * _ *
but i hate to paint so small i have painted myself often enough x.x but because they are black you can't see that XD
Ah yes in the original picture Sailor Jupiter is on the far left of Sailor Merkur. Unfortunately, I ran out of space and it didn't fit anymore x.x but I didn't want to leave it out either XD so it had to go to the right and, unfortunately, is quite apart; ___;

Otherwise something else x.x
hmmm ah yes the moon in the middle. I just noticed that I could do the black lines with white ink then it would also look softer. But I don't feel like doing it x-x
but I still do it XD
ok i will scan again x.x

Okay, I'll leave it my scanner needs to bang around XD (* scanners twinkle * you just bang * ___ *)

I hope you enjoy it *_*


Sailor White
Sailor Venus (NG)