Midoris Days - Midori no Hibi

Midoris Days - Midori no Hibi
* Best to knock the scanner in the corner *
The picture just shines with colors that unfortunately you can't really see here .... * you go to scream *
Even the Copic lines can still be seen ... The main thing is that you have at least a little glimpse of the picture ^^
* holds the stomach area convulsively *
I have a stomachache from sitting for 6 hours ...
First, I checked out my new "Midoris Days" series with 13 episodes.
I just HAD to have them.
The Midori Days manga already impressed me and the series ---- * gets star eyes *
Unfortunately, I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about the end ... I just don't get it, the anime is a complete ROMANZEE (!!), and at the end there is not a single KISS (!)
But let's hope for the manga, it will definitely be better ^^
Unfortunately there is not a lot of fanarts from this series (just 2-3 pictures), and I want to add my mustard ^^
I went straight to work and started drawing.
I want to excuse my CHARACTER LOCK, my last pictures didn't work; ___;
Sorry guys, sorry!

Do you know "Midoris Days"?
I can only recommend the series !!
It is SICK at the first thought (who has a girlfriend as their right hand every day?
Original sound from Seji: "Aaargh, my right hand has breasts!"


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