Tenshi to Akuma

Tenshi to Akuma
I'm so proud of this picture; _____; v

Especially on the HG, because it is the first one that I did really well (I think XD)

I've always wanted an angel like that with his reflection in the mirror; the demon, draw and finally I got there * _____ *
Originally I wanted to give the angel 2 different eye colors because it comes across so better that it has 2 "sides". But then I decided on the 1-color XDD

Hopefully you like it ^ - ^
Your aura ^ 0 ^

PS: The reflection in the mirror is intentionally so XD

[EDIT] As Maron19 said, there is such a picture in the 2nd volume, but the picture is NOT! copied. I don't know every picture from the KKJ Manga by heart (even if I've had it for a long time) Pose different, implementation different, "idea" different, what does that mean? Yes! It's copied from N-I-C-H-T ~ -.- "My goodness ~~


Caged Angel
Loneliness ~Demon Version~
Happy Gruselspa├č XD