Two angels one life [Sasuke_X_Sakura]

Two angels one life [Sasuke_X_Sakura]
that's for my Kyo ^, ^ * say goodbye to you sweetie * She wanted a Sasuke_X_Sakura picture by doing fake wings like in Fullmoon where sagashite have XDDD ~ I hope you like it my little one! * plush you * and the balloon * _ * that's almost the same one you gave me * __________________________________ * cool mh? your catty ~ ____________________________________ * @ all hope you like it ^ _ ~ Edit: I ask you !! deals with the quality of the picture and not because of the pairing .. I know that some don't like it .. but please don't be angry or something ... and grade it according to quality; _; EDIT2; !!! is it about as bad when sasu is so happy? OO people he's in love XDDD ~ I know that he is actually not like that .. but I didn't care he should be totally happy Oo or what kind of expression would you use? xD thanks so far for the comments .. you are really nice = ^, ^ = Edit 3: he squints ????????????????????? OMG! I didn't notice OO; maybe I'm squinting ... * drop * * howl * my fucking style; _; 30 to 70 some say he's squinting others say he doesn't oo 30%: yes he squinted 70%: no, he doesn't squint> _> Topics: Angel, Naruto Styles: Colored computer For: my Kyo * ____________ *
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