God Child - Cain & Reef

God Child - Cain & Reef
[ATTENTION SPOILERS | If you don't know the end, don't read any further!] The end of God Child was so beautiful and so sad. ; ______; It was haunted in my head, so I decided to draw it. The only thing that bothered me was the phrase "Of course you couldn't call it love ..." by Clehadol in the scene when he found Cain and Riff in the collapsed building, so I changed it a little without further ado [SPOILER END] I especially liked the dark, Victorian atmosphere in God Child. I think Kaori Yuki can draw wonderfully. * Raving * By the way, I put the black tip on paper by printing out the tip pattern on the b & w laser and placing it with the printed side on the drawing paper. Then I wiped a soaked cloth over it with a nitro thinner (attention: only use the stuff if there is good ventilation!), So the laser paint loosens and sticks to the drawing paper.
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oh mein gott O_o das ist das tollste fanart von G.C. überhaupt xD ich find es toll, dass du deine sachen hier onlädst xD da können sich auch minderbemittelte anfänger wie ich denken, dass übung wenigstens was bringt xD wenn ich auch gern dein talent hätte *klau*
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