My Melody

My Melody
In a quiet moment When I stand alone on a place I hear this melody a sad melody, a beautiful melody my melody Can you hear this? It's rhe sound of my heart Can you feel this? It's a quiet song And i played it for you a sad melody, a beautiful melody my melody I hope you hear it I'll sing for you I hope you feel it What my heart played I hope you like it As I like That's my melody a sad melody, a beautiful melody my melody ---------------------------------- okay so i made up the text myself ._. ;;;;; and i bet there are a bunch of grammatical errors or something, but it doesn't matter I hope you like the (song) text. I don't have the melody because I can't compose> __ <;; what ever I am actually quite satisfied with the visual implementation, because the hands and such were really heavy from the perspective and I can't get rid of the unmistakable feeling that your front arm is too fat -_- nyaa what I especially like is her shine, that actually looks like she is singing ^ _ ^ ~ (I think so anyway) about the character: this is Lina from the band "Lolita" I really wanted to do a story about a band and now I already have 2 ideas (the other band is called "Blue Berry Cardinal") for "Lolita" there are Lorna and Tammy (American abbreviation for Tamara) nya more info later ^^


Ein Oktopuss zum Verlieben ^_^
a girl in cherryness
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Freunde und Feinde