Meant to be together - Tidus and Yuna

Meant to be together - Tidus and Yuna
And again two of my favorites from Final Fantasy: Tidus and Yuna Ohhhh how I love them, the two * __ * Well, that really took me a long time ... I started a long time ago. So I found a picture on the net that I liked very much, so the pose ^^ * And then somehow I managed to draw two people from an anime picture. Yeah ... For a long time I refused to draw Tidus' face (AAaaaaangst x)) But now it's there ° hrhr ° Yes, as I said, the pose itself is painted, but still it wasn't easier here ° gg ° As we know (and can now see it in this picture -.- *), the proportions of anime girls are not to be equated very much with correct proportions <. < That's why Yuna is a bit ... well ... crippled XD But I still want to put it online because I've been messing around with it for so long ° hehe ° ^ ____ ^ I hope you like it quite a bit (:


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