Elf queen

Elf queen
1 year!
I'm celebrating my year-long love for Photoshop * juhuuiii *
yes nu ... then I thank my colleague, he gave me PS a year ago! ^^ hihi ...

Now for the picture:
I actually don't like painting elves and angels. But a good friend of mine asked me if I could paint her a picture ... and she's a huge fantasy fan.

To be honest, I don't even know whether elves can get pregnant ... -_- but I really wanted to paint a pregnant woman, because being scared is also nice, and some see this as unlucky news, which is not the idea.
don't ask me why the picture looks so monotonous ... I felt like green and gray ... ^^ and I'll disappear into bed - it's already 4:08 am -_-, luckily I'm on vacation ^^

Wallpaper available: click > here <

Photoshop 7.0 / approx. 10 h
Xyrilia's Bild - mit korrigierter Nase -_-"
super schöne Outlines von Sila (endlich fertig)
Tut 01
Tut 02
Zag' ich, Sag' ich! Stehts zu diensten