Schulz ... ~. ~

Schulz ... ~. ~
OMG ... how am I?> ___ < A mishap happened while uploading. I first uploaded the picture to Interstella or something. Then abr canceled. Hope it ain't there twice now. If so, please delete the activation switch, thank you! So ... another Inuyasha picture. Whatever else, but hey, I just like the guy and of course his series too, but the Japanese version and not what rtl 2 shows. It's horrible.> ___ <'' Miau ... actually find the pic successful, even if it is covered with errors again.> __ < I'll never learn anatomy. Nyan ... I drew it while I pulled in the Inuyasha OST 2. I can only recommend the album. Simply en class Soud. So ... I hope you like it. ^^ Finally: I don't know if some of you here have already noticed. Rtl2 will NOT broadcast another season of inuyasha. Even if they advertise it. The inuyasha broadcast is off. City instead, One Piece will be repeated !!! If you have any questions, please contact me. ^^


Viviane( FF Chara)
Inu und Kago...~.~
Gothic lolita
Blood red wings-Captured in my destiny
Kikyo und Kagome((lost in thought))