Merry x-mas everyone!

Merry x-mas everyone!
Hi! I haven't heard from me for a long time! But the picture here got on my nerves. At first I thought it would never be smart. As you know, you can decide whether it is something clever or not, but I think it turned out quite well. I am particularly proud of Ranma and Akane and their posture and facial expression. Perhaps it should be said that everyone is easily tipsy from mulled wine and other alcoholic beverages. In any case, this is meant as a Christmas present for everyone on the site! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! * ho ho ho * ^^ Kiss ByeBye Jini


Hausaufgaben für Kagome...
Hochzeit? o.O
Ranma und Akane (colo)
InuYasha du Idiot!
InuYasha, du Idiot! (COLO)