"gum gum-party" cover-colo

phew, finally I colot it, it took long enough ^^ "hm, to be honest, I like the color better than just outlines * fg *: 3 and I'm very proud of this one: D actually the turquoise stripes should be squeaky pink, so totally retro .... but it wasn't squeaky pink ... nya, I like it that way too ^^ and I like ruffy's face too o ^. ^ o when I am have the original in front of me, then his nose sticks out somehow three-dimensional O.ô * stupid look * so, mira-san ... I hope I hit the hair color to some extent ... after all, only had a description ^^ " but I like * happy today like a schnitzel * PS: you can now pat me on the shoulder ... I have set the shade: D mata né, dat magu-chan * winkatz * * whistling away to himself trippel *: 3


gum gum-party - cover -ol´s O.ô
joa, zu irgendwas muss die......
halloween - colo XD
drake is shrotting his eyes *gg*
da lost sword :3
ruffy, der rum-dieb :3