Babysitter fright ...

Babysitter fright ...
Hi guys! Here I am again !! ^ - ^ hmmm .. yesterday with the great weather (for a change NOT meant ironically) I wanted to sit outside on the terrace and relax ... what happens? The neighbors' children are screaming ... then the mother of the two asks me if I don't want to take care of the two clover on Sunday next week .... WAAAHHH !!!!!! terrible ... and then I sat down and that came about .. yo .. all in all it took me about a day with outlines and colo ... the colo was created with Photoshop as always. I dedicate this picture to everyone who HAD to babysit before and actually had something completely different in mind ..;) and otherwise .. * cough * ... yes .... great ... how was it with Germany will master? okeee ... the greeks .. they really surprised me ... they were really good ... they will be champions !!!!!! * muahahahahaha * ... but what should I do with my Germany jersey? cleaning your car is too good ...;) najuut ... see you, your TEX
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das bild spricht mir aus der seele ^-^
Hugh Laurie (ist Dr. House)
Ein Stern vom Himmel
lalalalangeweile ôO
OSTERPIC^^ ôO.......
gezwungenes lächeln xD
mein Schatz
^____________^das schönste bild der welt xD
René just 4 Shaggy
skizze - fighter