Seto Kaiba ^ _ ^

Seto Kaiba ^ _ ^
Huhuuuuu .... I would not have thought that I would finish this week O, o .. the last elements, you can see that I didn't feel like it anymore (not the left lower part of the coat ^^ °) .. -. - .... but it doesn't matter, because on the whole I am quite satisfied with it, you can say what you want .. I like the eyes sooooo !! You have to look at them in their original size! I insist!! ^^ ° ... And yes: the skin looks like iced coffee .. But I took the colors from an original anime screenshot, so that's 100% correct! ^^ ... The format was initially much too cute ° lol ° Bitmap, and in original size almost 5000 KB (clearly too much - although it is not much less now) ... I didn't dare go to a BG, sorry! Maybe another time .. YOU don't believe how LONG it took me to do it .. I'd better not tell you ° gg ° So more than twice as long as some other people here ^^ ° .. Anyway ° lol ° .. Got it this time made with Impact AND Draw - yes, 2 programs at the same time ° g ° That was for the simple reason that I just don't know my way around Impact and what I was missing in terms of tools, I added Draw x ~ x. . yes, think I'm stupid ^, ^ ° ° mau ° ..... Dedication? Nope .. Seto is MINE! Just like Joey is MINE all alone !! You can argue about the rest of the ° ggg ° .. No, that's for everyone who always leaves such lovely clerks here XD Expecially Jale Schokohäschen (-that you don't hear anything from), the sweet little seto66, the Seth -girl, Rinoa, the little Kitsch-Aya and the (too quiet ° sniff °) Siren =) .. And all that I have forgotten !! Don't hit me ~ __ ~ ° cuddlesz ° .... Ra.
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wow geiles Pic und tolle colo
Will the real S .. please stand up X~x
Wieder mal ne billige Schulskizze
Dat fehlgeschlagene Copic-Versuch Nummer 1!
Blue-Eyes O_o'
Und die Colo!