Crazy is cool !!

Crazy is cool !!
Hi! It's me again! ^^ I've heard from several that I should uppen n Bildl again. Do you miss me? * curiously looking at everyone * * ggg * ... uhmmm ... yes to the picture: The boy there is supposed to be a good friend of mine. The lenny. He's kind of crazy (that's why the title) but totally nice! We decided to paint a manga together (ie he invents the story and I have to crack everything -.- ") and the next picture that I will add here is a picture that I painted, it defaced and I colored .. oh yes ... and you are probably wondering, WHY PINK ???? uhmmm ... yes .... because .... * think up an excuse * ... that should radiate the craziness ... thinks I don't think so ... -.- "Well ... I once wanted to do something cheesy * gg * ... Oh and Lennys and my teamwork pics are grouped under the name" Yurki "... so . Just one more thing and then I'll leave you alone: ​​(has nothing to do with the picture, but!) ELLI IS THE GERMAN SUPERSTAR !!!!!!!!!!! * in lusft jump * she is the biggest !!! And that's why I dedicate this picture to her ... and of course Lenny, and everyone who screamed so many nice commies to me !!! jeeehaaaaa !!!! ^^ baba !! * all knuddölz * Tex
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super bild!! muss sagen dass du es toll hinbekommen hast!!
zu der elli kann ich nix sagen da ich das nich anguck, aber das hat die elli voll gut gemacht..
Willkommen Sayori
Wat füa Beine!!!!!!! GEIL!!!!!
Agent 006
neues Desing_
Freaky girl!