In the flying moonlight - Elisabeth von Wettin

In the flying moonlight - Elisabeth von Wettin
God, I've been in Sound Horizon fever for so long.
Like many others who know this group, my first contact with this band was through fairy tales.

But what should I say about the picture ...?
I love that sad and dramatic romance between Elisabeth and March that some of the pieces of music are about. I especially like Elisabeth's story.

To go a little bit into the motive of the work itself, I should say that first of all I wanted to visualize a little more on it ... yes, I just don't know how to describe it differently, to enter into image. So at first I still had in mind how she is in a golden cage, stretching her hand out and letting a bird fly into freedom. But somehow I couldn't bring myself to finish a picture with such a background and so after some further considerations this one was created. Ultimately, however, there are some peculiarities about her character.
For example, it is said that she fell in love with the boy, just as the unfortunate bird in the golden cage did and fell in love with the moonlight.

As for the reference I used for this picture; For one thing, I used the picture for all details of Elisabeth, but above all because of the colors:

By the way, when I was coloring, the picture came to my mind: O oh, Ankh ... there was something else.
For a change, I should take up writing again and continue writing my fanfiction on the same topic. >. << br />

I hope that some of you like this fanart. ^^

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