The Way of the Sunflower

The Way of the Sunflower
After several years I took Samurai Champloo out of my DVD collection and watched the anime before starting my studies again. And I was blown away * __ * To those who do not yet know the anime or those who have it: watch it again! He's just great * ___ *
Mugen actually has the hair structure like Luffy, but I wanted to tease the "hot boy" out of him and gave him a wet look: D The hair structure is on purpose, not a mistake when coloring
After 3 days of work it was enough for me = ___ = First I drew the outlines, then erased the pencil line, then the copic marker layer came on and then I had to completely redraw all the sunflowers -___-
The sunflowers actually have black core points, but stylistically I omitted them because I wanted to keep the soft pastel tones of the sunflowers and otherwise it would have been very annoying.

I am currently struggling through my sloppy way of getting everything done quickly and placing more emphasis on details and cleanliness. That was a good start X__x
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was wie? samurai champloo? hm.. das sagt mir nix..

aber ich glaube dir gerne, dass das viel arbeit war!! ich erinnere mich ich hab auch schon blumenfelder gemalt, sogar sonnenblume...und ich hab es gehasst! XD lol das is sooo viel arbeit o_o du hast echt noch viel detail drin gelassen total schön :3 is echt gut geworden :D der kampf hat sich gelohnt, weiter damit ;)
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