Mussel kvinde i fantasy

Mussel kvinde i fantasy
Finally I did it ... XDDD
That took a long time. The fault is the move to Denmark, whereby I forgot a lot in Germany that I needed to get this picture ready. Well, finally I made it and now I have had peace and time for it. Was a difficult step but what can you do for love? ^ _ ^

I know this picture from a very good friend LadyGina who also drew me a really great picture for the move. I was really happy about that. I hope you like it and the rest of you too. I was busy with it and tried new things to test what the Colo was all about. I hate my scanner because it constantly scans the colors so brightly * ggrrrr look at it angrily * Well with strong color now it works a little ^^ ´ A picture of fantasy that came to my mind and I'm quite satisfied with the motif.
Oh yes, what comes to my mind the title of this picture is written in Danish and means "shell woman of fantasy". Lol I had to come up with something and thought I would write it in Danish because this is my home now. : P Well with the language it still hangs but my sweat flows X3

So criticize me from front to back. Bring it all: D

Have you guys

PS: This is my pic that I got from her. * be so happy *


Trauer-doch innige Liebe
Arielle träumt am Horizont
Bitte bleib bei mir!!!