A new FA on Detective Conan. It took about 1.5 weeks until the colo was ready. xD Jodie Starling (center), Subaru Okiya (top left), Shuichi Akai (bottom left), Andre Camel (top right) and James Black (bottom right) can be seen on the FA. The question of why Subaru should be with the FBI: I just believe what I think and if it's not true afterwards, I'm just out of luck. xD I just don't feel like waiting anymore until you find out who he is. This time I am very happy with the color, especially with the hair. Coloring Subaru's hair wasn't easy, the same goes for Camel. But I am satisfied with the hair color for both of them as I am with the other three. Just with Camel's skin and en HGs from Shuichi and Camel, I'm not that satisfied. xD I thought something about the HGs. Each HG has a common meaning: There is a scene again in which the character came to the fore or attracted a lot of attention. We saw Subaru in action in volume 61 with the solution to the paper airplane case and in the end you think that it could belong to the BO. Shuichi stood out in volume 29 in the case with the bus hijacking and in the end it was thought that he belonged to the BO because he acted very suspiciously at the end. James drew a lot of attention in the case with the "P&A" in volume 32 and in the end it was thought that he also belonged to the BO because he was sitting in his car with Shuichi and generally behaving quite suspiciously. Camel only really got into action when he had to put his driving skills to the test as he was the one driving Kir in that car in Volume 58. Since he generally behaved very suspiciously, it was also thought here that he could belong to the BO, which was not the case. I hope you enjoy my FA.


Don't cry little Subaru
Shuichi Akai - Portrait
Close Alliance
Boa Hancock
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