Happy Helloween

Happy Helloween
XD I was bored again ... I wish you a happy Reformation Day, or Helloween, whatever. Here is some help on who, what and where: In the middle the Super Mario Hara Bros., Miyavi as Luigi and Toshiya as Mario. Next to Toshiya: Kaoru Wonka from Kaoru and the chocolate factory. Kaoru's greatest dream comes true; he owns a chocolate factory and can eat as much as he wants. As a side effect, it unfortunately gets a bit strange in the head ... (but I've always been a fan of Mr. Wonka XD) In addition to Kaoru, and Toshiya and Myv, we have the matching Umpa Lumpas Kyo, Die and Shinya. Although Kyo is too big for the role of Umpa Lumpas ... In the lower left corner are Ryutarô (Miffy) and Akira (Hello Kitty) from Plastic Tree. In the right corner Teruki Kamen and Sailor Bou ... (An Café) Top right Medusa-Ruki and Reita the mummy (Gazette). At the top left the ultimate villain Gackt, next to the fully motivated Mana. Comments are welcome Doujinshi is as good as uploaded. Bya Tochi


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