Even if you're not by my side ...

Even if you're not by my side ...
yes hello first = ^^ = & # 9829;
this is my first picture here on the page. since anime.de is currently "offline" and I hardly upload anything to mexx (x3), I start here. I'll take that as a restart xD I've noticed recently that I have to give myself a lot more trouble when it comes to my pictures. and at this picture here .. well xD
to the picture:
So I sat on it for a long time, which was probably due to the fact that I traced the outlines for the FIRST TIME with a pen and script ô__Ô that was really hard work. I really wanted that super great amchen x3 well and the colo was done pretty quickly and was also quite simple (I also kept it simple xD) but I like the picture that I drew my friend for five months = 3 & # 9829; joooaaa ... otherwise there is nothing more to say, right? ^^ I would definitely appreciate constructive ideas and good criticism!

best regards, your pon ~ chan & # 9829;
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@star: wow danke schhöööön x3 juchu ich hab schon 2 kommis xD danke!